Flavia is a Lawyer,  researcher, social psychologist, advisor in childhood issues, an expert in juvenile criminology, a university professor in neuroscience and law. Speaker and trainer in the judicial system.

Former Juvenile Criminal Courts Judge and founder of the Children’s Advocate of the Bar Association of San Isidro currently heads the Institute of the Child and the Family.
Author of several publications in journals and books.
She completed postgraduate studies in Transpersonal Psychology in Aluminé Foundation and with Dr. Carlos Martinez Bouquet investigated the application of psychodrama in cases involving children.  She also explored the technique of family constellations in the social field, organized workshops for professionals, Ong`s and community.
She completed her training in collectives traumas with Thomas Hübl in Israel.
Currently leading the chapter of Collective Traumas in Argentina.
She is a coordinator with Ana María Llamazares the training in Holistic Epistemology and New Paradigms.
In recent years she has developed a theoretical line integrates law and spirituality from a sacred and transcendent vision of Justice.